Impressive Health Benefits of Yogurt

 Impressive Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most consumed souvenirs in the world, which is considered the most effective for long life. Yogurt not only makes food delicious but also nourishes. Also meets the needs of the body. Its greatest feature is that it not only digests easily but also on the intestinal system.

Makes a pleasant impression. It helps to make it healthy. It contains very small amounts of grease and fats. Only 120 cups of calories are found within a cup of yogurt. Containing such small amounts of calories contains many types of nutrients that are extremely important to human health. For example ‘protein’ contains 8 grams of protein in a cup of milk made from butter. While 7 grams in a cup made of pure milk. In the same amount of yogurt (in butter made from butter milk), one milligram of iron ‘294 mg of calcium’ 270 grams of phosphorus’ 50 mg of potassium and 19 mg of sodium is found. Also Vitamin A 170 International Unit.

Vitamin B One mg. Thiamine 44 mg. Vitamin B (riboflavin) is also found in 2 mg and vitamin C (coursebook acid) 2 mg. Not only from today but also for centuries a popular diet. And this belief is still practiced. He was also treated in France.

King First suffered from a disease that, when no cure worked and King Soak’s thorns, a Greek physician was called in to cure him. He used only yogurt to the king, and King First recovered. As a psychologist in France, Professor Mechtenko writes, yogurt is the key to aging. Its use not only protects many diseases, but also prolongs life.

The Nobel Laureate of 1908, Elmer Tin gov, was the first expert to research yogurt after years of research, and said that it was the diet that provided humans with a chance to live longer. There are a number of bacteria called flora. Yogurt helps in the upbringing of flora. Antibiotics eliminate the flora. That’s why most pediatricians recommend eating yogurt with antibiotics. Yogurt also prevents bacterial infections.

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