6 Things Happen Before You Die

 6 Things Happen Before You Die

6 Things Happen Before You Die

The soul comes out of the human body. In six stages, we want to speak about these six stages. In the Quran, they were mentioned. Number one, when the soul or a person dies, Allah. Since the angels are responsible for taking this individual soul because even though taking the soul out of his job is The last job, and it’s a Miracle mode, he has an Army of angels that work for him. They’re The ones that extract the soul first and Foremost, Allah, he said our Messengers.

This means our angels will cause him to die. That’s in the first stage, so Allah sends these angels to this person in the first stage. In the first stage, it is the day of your death in which hour of the day or hour of The Night it would be. Still, there is a day of The Death that is written for everyone on that day. Exactly as Soon as this day enters, All the angels are Prepared, and they are ready, and they’re coming down the second stage. These Angels have arrived. They’re at the body.

Now the second stage is the collection. Of the soul from the body, the Angels Begin by extracting the soul from the tip of the toes our body, and as a result, the toes Go cold and numb, And the soul is pulled out upwards. So now it’s collected from the foot. And it’s collected from the shin and the knees, and a person begins to feel cold and Numbness in his feet. It rises until It reaches the hips until it reaches his The Abdominal area comes out from the Tips of his fingers until it gets to his Arm, his hand. It goes all the way. This is Angel’s job. They begin to extract and prepare this soul to come out, And a person senses that something is happening and going wrong with his body. That’s when all these machines in the hospital begin to give abnormalities. Reading the third stage is the stage in Which the soul reaches. He mentions the third stage. He says when the soul goes, Which is the call about here, so this is The third stage is the time Allah would say. Those around him would say who has Rocky? Where’s the doctor?

Where’s the nurse? The person lying there knows this is the moment of Departure, the fourth stage. Allah says Now the soul has moved from The collabo and has pushed up. Towards which is the fruit at that moment, Allah says those around him are Looking; there’s nothing else they could Do other than look at him, Allah, he says, And we are closer to him than you. However, you cannot see it. What does this mean? It means that the angels of Allah. Are more intimate to him than you, and you. I cannot see them, And the dying person sees the Angels. It is at this moment that the person experiences. This is the worst of the stages. This is The painful stage. A problematic step is when a shay.

Upon the last battle with you, He will use all his energy and skill to cause you to doubt Allah, his messenger, and Islam. The fifth stage is now the extraction of the soul. And this is the job of the Big boss. This is his job. Now the final stage Allah to situations ripping out the soul from this body when there is Effortlessly that’s how the believers. The soul is extracted, whereas the disbelieving Assault is ripped out.

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