Can I Marry Against Parents Decision By Mufti Menk

 Can I Marry Against Parents Decision By Mufti Menk

Can I Marry Against Parent’s Decision By Mufti Menk

I get hundreds of questions a week on Such issues as whether the Boy loves a girl or he doesn’t love a girl. The Boy is 25 years old. Of age, he’s young. He’s fit. He’s healthy. There are so many temptations out there. And he goes to Mom and Dad. Please help. I had to get married, and they said no. No, no, not. It’s not yet time for you.

Your elder sister has yet to be married. Please give it a couple more or three years, Maybe until you finish 30. and The Boy says this is too much. I will fall Into sin, I will fall into Haram, and they could care less, So he speaks to his mom. Mom, I’d like to Marry such a so-and-so girl. She’s the sister of my friend who says no and curses him. He goes to his father, and he only finds He gets the same treatment, and he condemns him, and They all say we have nothing to do with Your marriage not only that, if you get married, we also will not Talk to you will this communication with We will boycott you.

We will not look. At you or your wife or your children, And we’ll curse you day and night well. The Sad news is most of the boys could care less because the father and the mother are transgressing against their son. They’re committing a significant sin when they Stop him from marrying. They said no, we paid for his education, yes, but you did not enslave him. He must marry the Woman. We choose for him wrong, and he’s not obliged. To match whomever you choose for him. If The father says no, he has to marry The Woman I choose for him. You want him to Marry such a girl. You go ahead and marry.

She let him chew. He is the one who’s going to live with her for the rest of his life. You don’t get to choose for him, and It’s none of your business as a father. Or, as a mother, to control your son’s life like this, then I will curse him. Curse him from here till the day of judgment would not even reach the Lower Heaven because you are valium. You. are committing an act of transgression. It’s like saying I don’t like him to Drink soft drinks with Cola in them, Only Tanta or seven up. It’s none of your business. This is his preference. He drinks Whatever he wants, and he marries whomever he wants a man.

He doesn’t need your approval or consent, but out of respect And being dutiful, he is trying to Put some sense into your head. Usually, such parents would not Bend. They would continue to be stiff and unwilling to compromise until their death. Sad news, but unfortunately, some Parents are so abusive like this and Even worse, such parents are horrible. The life she treated the mother. The husband was similar when she was Young, and her in-laws enslaved her. And now she wants to do the same for her. Daughter-in-law wants someone to be her slave and to cook and clean.

This is why she refuses the Boy to marry. Someone of his own choice, And all of this is recurring and re-born over and over again. Well, these people will be punished on the day of judgment. As for you, my friend, you see someone you. Like she’s righteous practicing from a Good family, your parents don’t want or Don’t accept you are marrying anyone unless They choose for you. In this case, you are not a renegade. You are not a rebel.

Is a Human Being choosing the spouse you will live with for the rest of Your Life? Let them curse. Let them say Whatever they want. Allah will not hear. Then Allah would not look at them for Their transgression. Now you’ll be diplomatic, don’t confront them, don’t go Head-on, and try to be prudent and dutiful. Keep on calling them even after years. And after years of boycotting you, you must remember they are your parents. In your gateway to Paradise, they’re Wrong. They’re transgressing.

They’re sinful without any question, but again This does not justify you. or the reason to boycott them in Exchange and not talk to them. No, keep trying your level best, maybe Dura in Your sujood that Allah softens their Heart, but at the end of the day, he goes And gets married and doesn’t look back.

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