Chinese People Really Have No Faith?

 Chinese People Really Have No Faith?

What is Faith? Faith is the destination of people’s souls and life, a shining star in the sky. Although small, it is working hard to guide people to move forward. A person without faith is like a corpse without a soul, walking in a daze.

Of course, faith plays an even more important role in the country. Only when the people have faith can the government have strength and the nation have hope. Suppose a country or even a nation has a common belief, and such a nation has an indestructible cohesion. In that case, the explosive power produced by this country is immeasurable, astonishing, and terrifying.

Chinese Beliefs – Ancestors

People have beliefs, but beliefs are naturally different. Different people have different thoughts, and other countries have different opinions. Many European countries in the West generally believe in Christianity, while most countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia believe in Islam; Thailand and Myanmar in Southeast Asia are Buddhist.

Compared with these countries, China has relatively distinct religious beliefs. In China, China has the freedom to believe in religion and not to believe in religion. This is nothing but has caused the West and other countries to suspect China. Think China is a country without faith. What’s even more ridiculous is that some people think that Chinese people’s lack of trust leads to their incomparable greed, and So they will do everything to achieve their goals for their benefit. Is this the case? Is China a country without faith, as they say?

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Such remarks are simply ridiculous. The number of people who believe in religion in China is relatively small, but this does not mean that Chinese people have no faith. Because many people in China are atheists, they don’t believe in gods. They only believe in people, that is, our ancestors. as loyal.

It is well known that the Chinese civilization has been able to last for thousands of years and has been handed down uninterruptedly to this day, not relying on the blessing of gods but relying on the wisdom of our ancestors and the accumulation of national culture over the years. Our ancestors created a splendid culture for us, built the beautiful and rich land of China, and left world-famous treasures for future generations. Aren’t they worthy of our worship?

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Belief in ancestors is the driving force for continuing our profound and long-standing Chinese culture. It is the most basic belief of every Chinese. We believe in ancestors, build ancestral halls, and repair ancestral tombs to worship our ancestors.

Tens of famous sayings such as “thousands of descendants rush to the grave” and “burning incense to mourn the ancestors” all describe the scene of people worshiping their ancestors at the Qingming Festival. On Tomb-sweeping Day, family members bring tribute to wine and worship ancestors to sweep their tombs, send thoughts and respect to ancestors and sages, and pray that the ancestors can bless the family with happiness.

In addition to the Ching Ming Festival, there are many festivals, such as the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Zhongyuan Festival. The family will arrange the tributes, such as chicken, duck, and fish, neatly for the ancestors to enjoy. After the worship, the family gathers together to share happiness. Food that ancestors wanted to use.

Ching Ming Festival

The ancestral hall is another form of existence for future generations to respect their ancestors. The traditional hall exists with its characteristics, whether in the town or the countryside. It is a very sacred and solemn place for a family, and no jokes are allowed ingredients. In addition, the ancestral hall is also responsible for weddings, funerals, birthdays, and other matters of the clan. The traditional hall is a building that manifests the family’s respect for the ancestors.

There are still many famous ancestral halls in our country, such as Dakong Temple, Luo Dongshu Temple, Hu Family Hall, Chen Family Hall, Guan Family Hall, Chaoshan Temple, etc., which are constantly burning incense all year round and are deeply respected by future generations.

Chinese sons and daughters all over the world, living in distant countries, express their love for the motherland through their forms, such as Chinatown, places established by Chinese organizations, and gathering through various activities, all of which originate from the long history The deep-rooted Chinese culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


Remembering our ancestors and appreciating our sages, we must clearly understand that everything we have now is not a gift from heaven but was built by our ancestors with their flesh and blood so that they can walk out step by step, are they not worth it? Are we as a lifelong faith?

China believes that man can conquer nature.

Whether it is religion or God, they are just a kind of spiritual sustenance for people. The sky can’t fall into the pie and can only be realized through continuous efforts. It is artificial, and man will conquer the sky, just like our ancestors handed down in front of nature. “Kua Fu Chasing the Sun,” “Da Yu Conquering the Flood,” “Yu Gong Moves the Mountain,” and so on are all good examples.

Kua Fu Chasing the Sun

Our ancestors once said the sky would not hear everything you pray for. If people ask for rain, they will become rich if they want wealth, and if they want to live forever, the world will be in chaos. , Why do people need to work hard and pray for nothing but eating, drinking, and having fun daily?

This epidemic in China has once again confirmed the firm belief of the Chinese people. They firmly believe that man will conquer the sky. With the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the people of the whole country are united, obeying the country’s command and responding to the country’s call. The entire society and major caring companies donate money and materials through various channels to send warmth to patients and medical workers. Hearts from all over the country and even overseas. The Chinese sons and daughters of all ethnic groups in the motherland donate money and materials for the country. Everyone believes in the country, the government, and themselves to win this tough battle.

Huoshenshan Hospital

Helping each other in the same boat through thick and thin is also a large part of our Chinese nation’s culture. The “life ark” and “bridgehead” of China’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic-Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. There is no God in a Vulcan Mountain; behind it are countless silhouettes who have paid silently. Pairs of hands covered with thick calluses and cracks always race against time. It took only ten days to build a hospital. From Xiaotangshan, established in the fight against SARS, to Huoshenshan today, it has once again proved to the world that there is a speed called Chinese speed, which has won the shouts and applause of the world.

This epidemic outbreak can be said to have affected the whole world, but other countries have taken unbelievable countermeasures. In the face of the epidemic, they hope to be blessed by the gods. Through gatherings again and again, as India gathered in the Ganges at night, worshiping and praying, the large-scale meetings held by the Shincheonji Church in South Korea, etc., not only did not stop the development of the epidemic but made things worse. Praying for the gods’ blessing can only give psychological comfort, but it does not affect solving the problem.


Whether it is this epidemic or natural disasters, the fires in Australia have lasted for several months, and they are helpless in the face of the fires.
At that time, China was still relatively backward in development in all aspects. When faced with a major fire in Daxinganling, China, only took 28 days to extinguish. The speed of fire extinguishing shocked the world. Go forward bravely, never back down, and firmly believe that people themselves can explode with infinite power.

Everything can not only rely on the so-called beliefs; the most important thing is to rely on people themselves. China has faced difficulties and faced challenges time and time again, and the brilliance it has created has amazed the world.

Inheriting culture and enhancing national cultural confidence

Filial piety

There is a saying in China that “filial piety is the first of all goodness.” Filial piety is the foundation of people. People must remember their roots. The culture of filial piety is the source of social responsibility. Person without filial piety, we can’t imagine that such a person will love the motherland and others. “Filial piety” is not only a moral standard for the sons and daughters of China but also a cell and an element that cannot be separated from the body.

Trees can survive because of their roots, flourish, blossom, and bear fruit, and water can flow continuously because of its source, benefiting one side of the land. Everything has a start because all development will be orderly because of the original.

With the economy’s and culture’s continuous development, the custom of seeking roots and asking ancestors is becoming increasingly popular. More and more overseas compatriots return to their hometowns to worship their ancestors.

worship their ancestors

The reason for this is that there is always a memorable complex in the hearts of Chinese people: falling leaves return to their roots. The Chinese believe that no matter how many alterations a person goes to the ends of the earth, no matter how many alterations he experiences, whether he achieves success or achieves nothing, there is always a place in the deepest part of his heart that cannot be forgotten, that is his hometown, the source of life, and the initial starting point of the journey of life.

In the face of doubts from the West, we must, as always, do a good job in the arduous task of inheriting the Chinese nation’s culture, taking the essence and discarding the trash, making innovations based on traditional culture, and enhancing the cultural confidence of the country.

Enhancing the cultural self-confidence of the nation is only achieved after some time. It requires the joint efforts of the whole country to strengthen the understanding of traditional Chinese culture and vigorously promote the great national spirit.

Hanfu culture

The Hanfu culture that has risen in recent years is a very good social atmosphere and a public awareness worth promoting. People are beginning to pay more attention to the inheritance of the excellent traditional culture of the nation. The country must seize this opportunity and strengthen it. Proper specification and publicity.

If we say that the belief in ancestors is gradually declining in the current rural areas, it is better to say that how people respect ancestors is changing. As for the decline, it is not. If it is said to be in the fall, why are there still many descendants of celebrities who gather thousands of miles away to worship their ancestors yearly?

These fallacies in the West are also a wake-up call for us. As a member of the Chinese nation, we should remember the traditional culture handed down from our ancestors, follow the trend of the development of the times, and innovate. Regarding cultural inheritance, the country should Do a good job in timely and correct guidance and publicity.

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