The One Word Will Open Doors Of Rizq

 The One Word Will Open Doors Of Rizq

No matter how many times the sun is done You have to keep on asking Allah’s Forgiveness when you ask Allah’s Forgiveness, you need to be genuine, not. To go back, but if shaytan has been trapped. You again, and you went back after having. planned not to go back still you will Find Allah’s most forgiving, most merciful. That is the meaning of Rafa, meaning one. Who keeps on forgiving he just Carries on forgiving. That’s the name of Allah, and it’s a quality of Allah. He says I told my people to keep on asking. 

Allah’s giving us because he will keep On forgiving you for as long as you keep On asking him, he will keep on giving you. SubhanAllah, so don’t lose hope. Ask Allah’s forgiveness every day and ask. him forgiveness because asking Forgiveness will elevate your status. Even after your sin is Forgiven Then what will happen ? For example, I Keep on asking Allah’s forgiveness, Allah. Forgive me. Allah forgives me. He says your sin is He will grant you beneficial Reign from the skies through what through Allah Because I said, Allah forgive me, Allah. Forgive me, beneficial Reign. 

What is the Meaning of rain? What does rain depict? Rain depicts the flourishing of the Earth and the beauty of the economy and Your entire nation begins to flourish. Because of the beautiful rain, the crops are produced, people are eating, people are Happy the rivers are flowing and the Water is there, so everything is Beautiful, that is rain. How did we get it? Oh, Allah, I seek your forgiveness now. The Young people of today have a The Problem is if you tell them Allah will give You rain they will tell you I don’t want Rain, I want money. I’m sure you know that. 

They tell you to give me you know fools I I need the money. I need the cash. What About rain, rain comes alone. I’m I am not worried. I need the money now. That is Shallow, and it is narrow-mindedness. Because obviously, you will only get money through hard work, and that will only happen if your economy is Flourishing, and you have a job, and so on. So Allah says we will grant you the rain. But because Allah wants to give us even. More, guess what he says immediately. 

After he speaks about rain, listen to What he says, and he will strengthen you. with money This means don’t worry; we know what you need. If you want the cash, we will give you the cash also through what Allah says we will give you the wealth. We will give you sustenance. We will Sustain you. 

We will provide. I will make sure you are provided with happiness and content, no need to steal and no need to live a life higher than yours. This means to get down to the means you earn a thousand ringgit. Manage your month so that you will not Use more than a thousand that month. Earn a million and manage your month so that You will give away a lot of that million. 

Inshallah to a good cause, may Allah help We open our doors so Allah is Telling us, he’s going to give you wealth. This is my call for you this afternoon. one simple message to the point: Let us increase seeking forgiveness of Allah and the doors of goodness will Open, and the doors of evil shall be sealed all through continuing to ask Allah’s forgiveness, I hope, and I pray. That I have motivated myself to ask Allah’s forgiveness

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