How To Stop Dirty Sins – Mufti Menk

 How To Stop Dirty Sins – Mufti Menk

How To Stop Dirty Sins – Mufti Menk

When you have a bad habit, say pornography says adultery is extremely bad. In the case of major adultery, sin in the case of pornography minus and but it’s Still a sin, and I want to tell you. When you have a bad habit of this nature, And you want to eradicate it, and you. have told yourself no more, a day will Come when you slip up again. You might drop again because you know. What you’re a human on that day don’t Think, ah, I blew it. That’s it. Now I’m Back to my old ways. You’re not. You’re still in your old ways. 

No, If you blew it one day, at least you did Better if you used to do it every day. Before Now, it happened today. But you’re going to turn back to Allah. Immediately and tell you you seek. Forgiveness once again, and you’re not. Go to do it again, and you stop it, so The gap between your falling will be Bigger and bigger until a day will come. When you stop it, you get That shaytan makes you lose hope, so If you said right from today, I’m not. Going to sin anymore, and a Month later, you dropped shaytan, said you See, you’re back to where you were, so Then you’re going to you shaytan might make You say well. It’s okay now. I’m just Going to go back because you know what? I’m Too weak, and I can’t do this.

No, you can, you will, and you must. If you fall a month later, Get up and seek the Forgiveness of Allah, you. might fall six months later. How’s the Gap bigger? Is that an Improvement like smoking three? Cigarettes from 30. you see big Improvement after that; you might fall a year later. What happened? It would help if you got up. Immediately, promise Allah that You’re going to stop it, and you’re not. You are going to do it again. That’s The Condition; then you can eradicate that. Bad habit otherwise, if you’re going to Give up every time you fall. We All Fall We All Fall, myself included. We are human beings. We will fail; Allah wants you to Be dedicated if you miss one, Salah. Does it mean you must stop all your Salas? No, you might miss it even if you do. Are regular with your Salah. You’re a human being, the prophet says to you. 

You may sleep a little bit sometimes and not realize that time. If Salah has crossed as soon as you get up, fulfill your Salah, or you might occasionally suffer from forgetfulness. It’s possible you were busy doing something. And you forgot that’s a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu sallam Whoever sleeps over prayer or forgets A prayer should fulfill it or should do The kada as soon as they remember as soon as they can; it’s a simple Hadith. He didn’t say that he’s a bad person. Because you’re a human, but the point is I’m Raising in the same way when you are Trying to get rid of a bad habit. 

You might falter somewhere down the line, but don’t let that be a means of giving up. Rather, get up and continue for longer without that bad habit in the same way that if you were to miss a Salah, you wouldn’t just throw in the towel. And say no more Salah for me because I missed one, but you will make sure. You do the kada. You seek Allah’s Forgiveness, continue further, and try your best not to, Mr. Salah, perhaps. Years will pass, and you wouldn’t have Mr. Salah. May Allah keep us all strong.

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