Indian Culture Brahman is Fully Explained

 Indian Culture Brahman is Fully Explained

In Indian culture, the aborigines have long been the ones who hold the right to speak!

In Indian cultural traditions, sacrifices are not gods, but they have the right to interpret.

People who don’t know India will have a misunderstanding. The three major Hindu sects are Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti (goddess Devi). Indians believe that the supreme existence is Vishnu, Shiva and Ti Well, actually, this is an ignorant misunderstanding!

In the history of the world, none of the religions that can stand up believe in idols! Because there is a huge loophole in the logic of idol belief! The theological logic of Hinduism is very complicated. What they really believe in is divinity in the philosophical sense.

God, the six realms of reincarnation, and the universe, in the high-level beliefs of Hinduism, are all illusions and nothingness!

Stripping away all illusory illusions, what Hinduism really believes in is the truth!

To put it bluntly, what they believe in is “self-nature”. This tradition, extended to Buddhism, has become “full of nature and bright in nature.”

Hinduism gave the “self” a name “Brahman”.

A lot of Sanskrit was created, and outsiders couldn’t understand it at all! But there is a core concept that is public, “Brahman is everything, everything is not Brahman.”

Logically, an almost perfect theoretical construction has been completed.

If readers are interested, they can browse through other successful religions, and they will find that they are all different in form but similar in essence. Because gods and religions are both man-made products, there are differences between races, and they are similar in biological structure and way of thinking.

There is a funny thing in India, no matter which great person appears, it will shine in the eyes of the world!

The priest knew that the old god was there, so he started flipping through the book and found a paragraph in Sanskrit that no one could understand, saying: This great man is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who came down to save the world!

Even Sakyamuni, the leader of Buddhism, is said to be the incarnation of Vishnu. Buddhism in India has been defeated just like that!

In Indian cultural tradition, Vishnu also has two very famous incarnations, one is Rama and the other is Hetian. The stories of the two big brothers are recorded in “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” respectively. “Among the two great epics. They are representatives of the Aryan conquest of the Ganges plain and South India, respectively.

Hinduism is so “brazen” and incorporates heroes from all walks of life. It seems absurd, but there is actually a high-end logic that is common in the human world behind it.

Both Brahmanism and Buddhism are committed to the development in China, and they were already deeply rooted in China during the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Therefore, later generations used “Journey to the West” to make a profound interpretation of this. Unfortunately, the writer’s cultural level is too high, and an extremely black-bellied book has become a popular literature.

Here, there is a ridiculous logical lock. The gods and Buddhas have great powers, why don’t they just flick their fingers and destroy the evil spirits and save the world from suffering?

What if you go down to the mortal world, go through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, have no difficulties, create difficulties, endure untold hardships, and save the world with difficulties?

Brahmanism gave two reasons, both of which hold water!

The first reason, Shenxi said!

Divine dramas include religious dances and celebration ceremonies. God’s life is long and endless, and he is very quiet and wants to move, and God arranges various games. In the eyes of mortals, the gods and Buddhas who have jumped out of the three realms and are not in the five elements, incarnate into the mortal world is a kind of fun, tasting the world’s seven emotions and six desires.

The second reason, logically, completes the flaws in religious theory.

In “Ramayana”, such a story is recorded! Brahma, the god of creation, likes to meditate, and created the Indian gods and asuras. I don’t know why? The gods are enshrined by the world, and Asura is regarded as an evil existence.

What’s more, there are many talents of Asura, and they often lead Asura to beat the Protoss violently. If the Protoss Emperor can’t beat them, just invite people (Vishnu, Shiva, Goddess Shakti), and the great god will kill the leader of Asura .

This is nothing?

However, Brahma, the god of creation, has a grandson, Immortal Venus! He is obviously different from other immortals. He doesn’t like to take drugs and practice hard. He just likes to cover Asura!

In Indian culture, there is the concept of kalpa.

In a certain catastrophe, with the help of Shiva, the gods once again overthrew Asura. Take back the territory that was taken by Asura.

In a rage, the Venus Immortal rode a little donkey and went to argue with Shiva! The donkey walks slowly, and it takes several years to walk.

The gods got the news and decided to fight to get rid of the trouble forever. The Ashuras fled all the way to the house of the Venus Immortal’s mother.

It just so happened that Immortal Jin Xing’s father was out on a trip. Venus Immortal’s mother violently beat up the god with the power of Brahmin. God Vishnu made a move and killed Venus Immortal’s mother directly.

At this time, Ligu, the father of Immortal Venus, came back!

Furious, he cast a curse on Vishnu: “I can’t destroy you. But I curse you to come to the world ten times, endure the pain of separation of wives and children with a mortal body, suffer the pain of reincarnation of life and death, love and hate, and witness the Dharma. Depravity of humanity.”

Ever since, there is a sufficient legal basis for the gods to come down to rescue the market.

In Wu Chengen’s “Journey to the West”, he wrote such a plot. In the prosperous Tang Dynasty, there were rich things, heavenly treasures, outstanding people, but the Tang monk was going to the west to learn scriptures. All the way westward, the demons became more and more arrogant and powerful. Ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, one cannot be missing. Sun Dasheng slayed demons all the way, and the more he fought, the more guilty he became. The demons were all invited by the Bodhisattva, and those with backers all went back. Those without backers, ignorant little demons, who wanted to eat a piece of Tang monk’s meat and live forever, were all canceled.

People with a big heart, watch “Journey to the West” and watch the excitement.

Careful people, reading “Journey to the West”, will fall into a logical trap. What is Tang Monk trying to learn from the scriptures?

In the history of cultural inheritance in the world, the best way for upper vested interest groups to maintain their social class is to monopolize cultural knowledge. However, this monopoly is by no means solid and leak-free.

There will always be boundary breakers, who will steal the fire of knowledge and culture and give it to people in the “lower world”, bringing the light of the bonfire to the long night. Although it cannot bring wealth and warmth to the world, it at least brings the light of hope!

The aristocratic culture of the Shang and Zhou dynasties was popularized by Confucius. Since then, Confucian disciples have worked hard to “establish a heart for the world, establish a life for the people, inherit the knowledge of the past, and bring peace to all generations.” Unfortunately, people with ulterior motives made it suffocating. Etiquette!

Shakyamuni, the wise man of Nepal, reformed Brahmin culture and brought the glory of reason to the Indian subcontinent. Unfortunately, Buddhism was incorporated into Hinduism in India.

The truth is cruel, “Brahman is everything, everything is not Brahman.”

Perhaps the “Tao Te Ching” has a more straightforward interpretation of this: “Man follows the earth, the earth follows the sky, the sky follows the Tao, and the Tao follows nature.”

Both Brahma and Tao are derived from nature, and people have a deep understanding of nature.

I’m so ignorant that I don’t dare to write any more!

Tell me something funny, the Hindu savior Vishnu, whenever the world is in crisis, he will come down to save the world. The way of descending to earth is similar to “reincarnation”, borrowing the human matrix to create an incarnation (Avatar).

Cameron’s classic masterpiece is the movie “Avatar” which uses the same word “Avatar”.

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