Never Do This To Spouse, Allah Prohibited

 Never Do This To Spouse, Allah Prohibited

The divorce rates are so high because People need to learn what marriage is about. About when you marry, you need to stop. Giving your friends preferences, you have young boys Who have friends. They sit with their friends until midnight and two in the morning And when they get married, they still. Find themselves making the same time as their friends.
That is prohibited wholly prohibited. How can a person who has now taken Somebody’s Daughter Still give preference to his friends? Over his wife, the time you spend with your spouse is an act of worship in Islam. The time you spend with your family members is an act of worship in Islam, so Many people prefer their businesses over their family members. Many people Just sit and prefer a newspaper over their family members; the Man comes home from work, and he is tired. He Does not speak to anyone. He sits down. He wants to eat his food, but he has a temper. And next thing, he is busy reading the Paper or planning himself. Front of the television, and he watches television until late hours, then he switches it off and goes to sleep. He hasn’t spoken to his wife, and he hasn’t asked his children if any of us here is guilty of that. Today is the day. You are being told directly that that is a major sin.
Another problem is also the internet. Many people prefer the internet and Spend hours every day until two or three in the morning laughing and joking with the screen. She has been sitting alone, waiting all day for you to come home so that she can share a moment or two with you and you. Come home, and you share those moments. With the television, if you do not give due attention to your wife, whom do you want Her to get that from? That’s a question.
So I think we are all guilty of it to a certain extent where. Not only do we forget to utter words of Appreciation, but we will only pick on What is wrong with the food, not realizing that There was so much effort put in. The Salt might have Become a little bit more in the food for whatever reason, and we say you know the Salt is too much in the food not. Realizing that it took four hours to make that, Is your life rotating around Salt? No, it isn’t, so what you need to do is And what I need to do is Appreciate it by saying you know The food is so lovely, and it’s delicious.
Even if you are telling a little bit of A lie, do you know That you need to praise your spouse? On their faces, I think a lot of us are guilty of never doing that or doing it Very little every single day; it would be an act of worship for myself and you to say a few words to make your spouse smile, both male and female an act of worship How many of us have told our wives or Our husbands, you are looking very. Beautiful, today you are looking very. Handsome today. A lot of us are guilty of thinking that. In Islam, you’re not even allowed to say that the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam used to tell his wives Regularly he used to explain to them and Express to them with the greatest passion How beautiful they look SubhanAllah

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