Never Say This Word, You Lose Your Iman

 Never Say This Word, You Lose Your Iman

Never Say This Word, You Lose Your Iman

Allah said there is no calamity. Illness, sickness, poverty, anything That strikes upon the Earth or among yourself, So no Calamity strikes you. There is no sickness or illness. It affects you, Except that it was already written in the book. Even before this calamity was created, Allah created cancer. He had already reported that your person.

You will get sick and experience pain, so don’t work yourself. By thinking if I had done that, had I I would have done this if I had only avoided this person. I wouldn’t have gotten sick to prevent all of this. He said foreigners have been sick this much. Why? Because the word if opens the door Of a shaytan because these ifs are endless, And the more you engage in this.

Conversation Had I done this? I wouldn’t have gotten sick. But if you did This calamity. It wouldn’t have happened if you had opened this. The door slowly, and you begin to drift. Away from accepting Allah, you have fallen into the Trap of a shaytan, and That’s how a person loses his faith in Allah and his trust in Allah. That’s how A person loses amen.

You see how you lose. Your Iman from the door of if And then why do you keep saying if It is a word that implies a possibility. So it needs to be clarified where you take yourself with all these ifs. And IFS When a person is sick or ill or going Through a Calamity, Allah intended This calamity for you. No one else precisely decreed that This calamity, This illness, this sickness affects you. and no one else. It was designed for you.

It’s not like random things happening in the universe, And if I avoided this or if I did this Or if I did that and I wish I hadn’t done that, oh my God, no, don’t say that This was explicitly intended for you. That’s why it was called what it was called, meaning It hit the target precisely that Allah intended for it today.

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