Side Effects Of Sleep After Fajr

 Side Effects Of Sleep After Fajr

Never Sleep After Fajr, Allah Gives 1 Secret Reward

We traveled once, and it was after time, so we barely had water. He Said we collected all the water you have. The water you have a little bit gives me, you know they collected water. How Much was it? The collection was a small bucket like a little bit, So then the one Who’s hearing the story from Eden, how many of you were you then?

One thousand four hundred, and all The water they have is one small bucket. So the prophet saws placed his hand in The water then he says, come O, you people. Who makes wudu come blessings from Allah put his hand in the bucket. Someone comes three times to nose the water. Is not decreasing his hair, water is not reduced ears, legs next battle Two three sahaba said 1400 from a Bucket, the sahabi says, after they did Some drink some water now. Allah photo And drinking, he says, I saw with my own eyes when he put his hand, he opened his Palm like this, and water was gushing. From between the fingers, There are two meanings to its number one: Keep and remain. The other meaning is to Grow and increase, so we say, may Allah. Bless your wealth, and may Allah keep it. And continue to grow it. Look how Beautiful it is, you may say, brother.

Bismillah, let’s get right to the topic. In my wealth, how can I have Baraka in my Health to not sleep after Fajr’s stay? After Fajr works on that project, stay. After Fajr worked on that lecture, no, no, no, no, do not stay up late Friday night to pull an all-nighter drink of Red Bull, and then You’re like, you know I’m going to. I have to Fix it, no, no, sleep now. Whatever will you do at night that hour not replace That with the morning, why? Because the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, he says um during the early hours of the day. The hour after Fajr may be more impactful than a four- or five-night one. Staying at night, a guy came to me.

Brother, he said I imagine I applied for So many jobs. I mean, I did it everywhere. I applied everywhere, and I’m not getting The Job I’m struggling with. I used to be very. Financially comfortable, and now I’m Struggling. It’s insane, so I said there are certain things that you know. Check the Boxes. Did you do a resume customized for you? I spoke to people with fantastic checks. Check how you are with your family. He’s like yeah, I’m talking about jobs. I’m in the married kids club. I have my Mom. I’m looking for a job, I said. I know I’m asking how you are with your family. He told me what this has to Do with whoever wants Allah to bless their Provision.

You want Allah to bless your Well-being. You wish to do what I do. Keep good relationships with your blood relatives. How is your Mom doing? She passed away. How was she Doing? How you are with her was Maybe that’s what’s missing from you. Tried everything you took in classes Courses you graduated from the top university check that box

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