Signs Evil Eye Has Touched You

 Signs Evil Eye Has Touched You

Signs Evil Eye Has Touched You

How to know if I’m affected by an evil eye evil I am something that a person, whether good or bad, May inflict upon you. Upon seeing something he likes, intentionally or usually, it is unintentionally unintended. So I see someone driving a fancy car, And I say, what a beautiful car. Or I see someone working out in the gym. And I said, look at the weight he is bench pressing. My God, this guy is a monster.

Now, this is Evil Eye. I have no intention of him. Being sick or of him losing his powers or of him having an accident, But the evil spirit in me came out. Unintentionally So, he asked how to know if I was affected. By the evil eye, first of all, 95% of those thinking of themselves be possessed with gin, having a lousy eye Sorcery Envy, whatever they are. Delusional, they imagine things, but These things are a fact and happen. But not to that extent. If my wife is nagging, she possesses gin.

If my daughter fails the exam, it’s an Evil eye. If my son Falls, uh uh, sick, it’s Envy. If I lose my job, it’s black. Magic, not to that extent everything That happens. We blame it upon these. Things but its actual evil eye are true, so How do I know I’m affected by it? I do not know anything from the Quran or Sunnah that tells us it is usually an illness, So if someone has a suddenly developed migraine, has stomach aches, or feels sick. Or he has a fever, and it’s the doctor.

Say there’s nothing wrong with it. It is most likely to be an evil eye. Then they say that a lot of sweating is new or urinating. Or shivering or having bad nightmares Etc a change of color, feeling unwell when reading or reciting, Or listening to the Quran. These can also be sentences and Allah Knows Best.

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