Side Effects Of Sleep After Fajr

Never Sleep After Fajr, Allah Gives 1 Secret Reward We traveled once, and it was after time, so we barely had water. He Said we collected all the water you have. The water you have a little bit gives me, you know they collected water. How Much was it? The collection was a small bucket […]Read More

Life In Jannah

Life In Jannah So you’re sitting with your spouse and all the peer habitus agenda in one place, and then Allah subhanahu Nantahala Releases the veil, and you see Allah you. See Allah, and there you can see your palace. Atleast made of golden bricks and silver Bricks and it has been kept together with […]Read More

Allah Sends 1 Sign That He Loves You

So when Someone says terrible things about you, lies about you behind your back in front Of you when Someone falsely accuses you. The first thing you need to do as a Believer is the one who has declared The one who has declared there is none. worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad, peace […]Read More

Never Do This To Spouse, Allah Prohibited

The divorce rates are so high because People need to learn about marriage. About when you marry, you need to stop. Giving your friends preferences, you have young boys Who have friends. They sit with their friends until midnight and two in the morning And when they get married, they still. Find themselves making the […]Read More