These Sins Will Change Your Face

 These Sins Will Change Your Face

So when Someone says terrible things about you, lies about you behind your back in front Of you when Someone falsely accuses you. The first thing you need to do as a Believer is the one who has declared The one who has declared there is none. worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad, peace be upon him, is his Messenger is the first thing you need to do Is to thank Allah, wow it might sound Strange, I’m telling you when Someone. Says something wrong about you in front of You or behind you? Thank Allah, thank Allah alhamdulillah, don’t I sound a little bit cuckoo, a little bit crazy.

The reality is no, Allah has chosen you. Masha Allah Allah has chosen you to do what Allah is just preparing you to give you that opportunity to go through a certain Sunnah that it is impossible to go Until and unless Someone accuses you or says hurtful hateful things about you, Lies about you, and so on. How am I going to fulfill a sunnah of bearing patience What people had said when no one said anything terrible about me, Subhanallah Now, do you see where the alhamdulillah comes from Allah, says [Music] amazing verse Be patient regarding what they are saying against you How am I going to be patient when no one said anything against me, so for that It’s impossible for you and me to lead.

A reasonably long life without Someone somewhere down the line doing nasty things against you. It’s more about your relationship with Allah. That’s what it is you believe in Allah. Yes, I do. He created you. Yes, he did. Indeed I’m going to return to him well. He is the master planner giving you an opportunity to bear patience upon evil speech and hurtful hateful, untruth accusations Against you. Bear patience with my favorite verses. I’m sure you’ve heard me say that many. Times if you have followed a few of my talks, Allah says we know that what they are Saying hurts you; we know it saddens you. Actually, the term used is it saddens you.

Nabi ﷺ was saddened, Primarily because he knew those people were actually engaging in a disservice to themselves. I am asking you a question. You’re a good person, Brother or sister, you are Innocent, you are Straight, you are upright, And SubhanAllah, here you have people. Saying bad things about you, and you know. They are telling a lie. You should say alhamdulillah And feel sorry for them, the prophet saw.

He was saddened because he was sorry about Them and for them to say they didn’t know What are they were making. What a fantastic statement, oh Allah. Guide my People don’t know what they’re Imagine Allah chose you, yo. in the case of the prophet S.A.W was he the Messenger of Allah, the most loved unto Allah? What was he saying? Did he curse them and sway them and fight back like, What would we do, SubhanAllah? Someone Says you are stupid, and you tell your Mother, your father, and your family are Stupid. That’s what we would say. Not anymore I hope it’s not true I hope. What I’ve just said is not true, but Sometimes that’s how we react.

We think We’re a big deal if Someone says something. About you, you swear he and his whole Community Allah doesn’t do that. Do You Know Your worth? Do you doubt your worth? I don’t examine my worth, my brothers and sisters. Their evil Must not make us lose our good. You heard What I just said is that you will be judged by Allah based on your qualities and your statements, not on Someone else’s statements. So when they say something terrible that was Between them and Allah, they will be Judged by what they’ve said, but because of your slight involvement in the sense That you’re the third party on the receiving end, now Allah is watching you. To say, but what are you going to do? On his side, he failed. On her side, she Failed because of what she said.

You have an opportunity to pass or fail here. Are we going to show you the sunnah? And we’ve revealed a few verses to guide You, and you know what? Let’s see whether you’re going to take Heed or not. Take it in your stride. Don’t Get angry is from Shaitan. Don’t Get angry, so what they show their Colors, those colors are not mine. I will still smile all the way, Subhanallah, and I know You don’t butter my bread, my beloved Brother or sister.

You want to speak badly. About me, my bread and butter come from Allah Subhanallah, my beloved Brothers and sisters. Look at how we should be looking at negativity, look at Negativity with a positive eye. That’s The prophet Muhammad S.A.W; I’m not saying don’t do anything about it and Sit back and relax. Let them trample all over. That’s not true, but I’m saying don’t Lose your excellent character and conduct Because Someone else lost theirs. You are your man. People are Watching you, and not only that.

You are supposed to be a role model and an example for those younger than you, be family members, children, or whoever else the community members They’re watching you, especially as you. Grow a little bit older. Automatically become a senior, they will love you and have tremendous respect for You when they can see that person. Is very, very wise; they are mature. They Are good Muslims. They don’t bother with The detractors today. We have a sickness. And an illness, what is it people talk about? Bad about everybody else, that’s from Shaytan. Now I’m talking about the person. engaging in the crime.

When you want to talk badly about others, It would be best if you remember the loss is yours. It’s never theirs. Never this. You want to accuse Someone of hurting them. Harm them and abuse them with utter vulgar Language against them. Someone swears at you. What should you do first? You know what We do. I don’t even need to say it. Come On. You know what we do. Someone sways you, SubhanAllah. I see people nodding their Heads. I hope you guys don’t have guns in your pockets Because Someone swears you know people in this country would Draw their weapons. May Allah protect us.

That’s wrong. Someone swears you will smile and walk. away don’t even turn toward them fast. Look at how Allah speaks about it, Allah. Says bear. You and patience know what. Ignore them in a good way. Please leave them in a friendly way. Please stay away from them. Don’t communicate With Someone whose intention is to rile You up every day. They come to you and tell you. You one bad thing they’re riling you up.

The one who can rile you up is Controlling you, the one who can anger You have control over yourself. They want you To be foolish, so what do they do? They Know we need this guy to get angry; when He gets angry, he’s going to hit Someone. When he hits Someone, we’ll do him in for Public violence, and we’ll get him to Sign this admission of guilt to pay the fine and possibly to be in jail, so They’ve planned it before you even. Understand what has happened and when They come they just watch By remote control, what’s happening to you’re controlled, but you can break The entire plan, they swear you just. Smile back.

They call you fs and bees, hey. kai everything SubhanAllah, when that happens, they will get so frustrated and so irritated because Their plan has failed. That’s what the Quran is telling you to don’t let people’s plans pass. You must understand there are people out. They will hate you, disliking you. You do something when you see others. Succeed in anything. Do you get jealous? Do you get envious? Would you like to see their downfall? If That’s the case, you need help. You need To connect with Allah. You need to actually build your relationship with Allah.

It is Allah who gave them. He will give you one. Work hard, pray for them, thank Allah for them, and don’t become jealous because you know that jealousy leads to enmity, leads to hatred, and hatred can lead to war. Subhanallah, you hate Someone. What will happen? You begin to hurt them, harm them by fighting, then it becomes physical, and sometimes it goes beyond that. People literally go to war when you treat Someone badly. It’s a debt against your Name. It’s coming back for you first.

The thing you do alhamdulillah, then you pray for them. Allah guides these People, oh Allah, suffer their hearts. That’s not easy. Imagine the prophet Sallallahu was praying for abu jail. He was an enemy, and he was praying for um He said oh Allah, soften the hearts of at least one of these two and bring them to Islam so that at least the strength that They have, they can use it towards the deen How many of us would ever pray for those type of prayers for our enemies

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