These Sins Will Change Your Face

 These Sins Will Change Your Face

These Sins Will Change Your Face

And people that are filled with malaria. And dissipate themselves. They expend all of their energies on Monster. You will notice that by the age of 25 or 30, there. A darkness has descended upon their faces. Young people have a light and that light.

It is simply the fact that they have not Accrued a lot of wrong actions that are Why if you see dark young people, you know something is seriously wrong, but there It is a light in Youth that is simply The vigor of Youth, and it’s also the fact That young people have not accrued a lot. Of wrongs, if you look at children, it’s Stunning.

Why are people so attracted to the faces of little children? Because They see innocence. Why is that innocence There? Because there are no wrong actions, So you’re attracted to Purity by nature. And that attraction is sick. People cause these problems in This culture, but it’s also a problem in the Muslim world because that attraction becomes sick.

After all, there’s the Platonic attraction. Some people Are attracted to virtuous people that are Their nature. Some people are attracted to those people, but They like their portion of attraction. And so they will attempt to take something pure and defile it. That’s the nature of the Dunya defilement in Arabic means to stir up mud at the bottom of a pond. You have a limpid, clear Pond, easy to look down and see the bottom, but if you muck up.

The base, then you stir up all of that. Dirt, well, that’s the nature of the soul. If you allow these Masia to be stirred up, they will eventually muddy The Purity of the self because we are Made of mud and particular nature. Still, we’re Also made of spirit so whichever one’s Dominating is the one that’s going to show itself, and this is why the light of The Aged it’s not Youth, and the darkness of the Aged is Disobedience.

The sound principle, so if you Look out there. I mean, I wanted to do Just an experiment where you took all of the pictures of our only, uh, our righteous people and then just put photos of all the older people in the Dunya, and showed the faces and let People see for themselves which group. They want to be among them when they get old. And this is not even about knowledge. Because you can see faces of Purity in villages amongst the most superficial people.

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