This Is Worse Than Zina By Mufti Menk

 This Is Worse Than Zina By Mufti Menk

This Is Worse Than Zina By Mufti Menk

When you have committed adultery, or you Have consumed alcohol or have Gambled, or you have, for example, done. Something says, for instance, you missed. Your prayer is that you seek the Forgiveness of Allah Allah will forgive you always. He will always forgive you regarding those sins between you and him.

You have not been involved in the rights of a third party the minute you’ve applied the rights of another human being. You are playing with dangerous Territory Because that human being needs to Forgive you before Allah forgives you, so those sins. Are even worse, may Allah grant us. Forgiveness is a person engages in shirk, which is the Association of Partnerships with Allah. As bad as it is, if they were to Turn to Allah before death, and they were To read their shahada, or they were to Repent, Allah would forgive them. That’s in the Quran; Allah says clearly that he will forgive all sins SubhanAllah unless a person dies in the Condition of shirk that is dangerous Territory, but what else is perilous Territory when you have wronged a fellow A human being may never forgive you.

Not everyone is forgiving, and sometimes. We make life so difficult for others. That we drive them to suicidal thoughts, And we think we’re going to get away with If you feel you’re Pious when you’ve caused someone to have Suicidal Thoughts Couldn’t you Empower them? Couldn’t you Speak to them and reassure them, couldn’t you? Give them words of guidance, couldn’t you? Let them know how merciful Allah is so That whatever they’ve done can be Wiped out. Couldn’t you give them a few words of comfort to tell them that whatever bad or difficult Hardship they’re going through, Allah will make it easy for them?

Good days will come; instead of that, We smash them onto the ground in a way. That even when they were considering. Suicide became a louder thought in Their minds and hearts. May Allah protect us. I would never like to be a person who, because of their speech or actions or Deeds, another person felt they didn’t Want to live anymore. That’s not good enough. Why would a Muslim do that, Subhanallah? You believe in Allah.

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