To Control Sugar, Eat First or Drink Soup First?

 To Control Sugar, Eat First or Drink Soup First?

Diet is very important for people with diabetes. People with diabetes are generally more concerned about what they can and cannot eat, but they ignore a very important aspect, that is, the order of eating. What kind of eating orders can better control blood sugar? The reporter interviewed Han Yajuan, the director and chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the Eighth Hospital Affiliated with Guangzhou Medical University. She said that while choosing the right food for people with diabetes, they should also pay attention to the eating order. Controlling sugar can get twice the result with half the effort. The correct order of eating should be to drink soup – eat vegetables – eat meat – eat staple food.

Recalling your eating order, many people eat in a mixed way, eating a mix of rice and vegetables, or eat first, eat meat, then eat vegetables, and then a bowl of soup after the meal. These meal orders need to be corrected for sugar lovers.

Han Yajuan said that the correct order of eating is to drink soup-eat vegetables-eat meat-eat staple food. Before eating, drink a small bowl of soup to increase satiety and reduce the intake of staple food. The soup mentioned here must be light, with less oil and salt, and do not drink thick soup. Some people are used to eating rice with soup, which is not recommended. This will not only cause a burden on the stomach but also cause the food to be digested too quickly and cause a spike in blood sugar. Patients who dislike drinking soup or have high uric acid can drink water instead.

Eat vegetables after drinking soup, and try to eat green leafy vegetables. Vegetables are relatively low in calories, and eating too much will not make blood sugar rise too quickly. In the addition, The green vegetables have a lot of cellulose, giving you a feeling of fullness, and you can control your intake well.

When eating vegetables, you can match them with meat. The amount of meat should be controlled at about 150-200 grams, the size of a palm. Do not eat too much meat. Otherwise, it will increase the total calories, which is not conducive to blood sugar control.

Finally, eat the staple food. Since vegetables and meat have been eaten earlier, more than half of the stomach capacity is occupied, so the amount of staple food will be reduced accordingly. Regarding staple food, diabetic patients try to choose coarse grain products such as steamed buns and rice with coarse grains. Coarse grains take a long time to digest in the body, and the blood sugar rises slowly. It is better than eating refined rice and refined flour products in controlling blood sugar.

Han Yajuan finally reminded us that sugar lovers should also pay attention to eating slowly, not wolfing down, and controlling the time for each meal to about 15-30 minutes, which is also an important way to avoid rapid blood sugar rise. (All-media reporter Zhang Qingmei correspondent Feng Wanling and Liu Qisha)

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